A new perspective of the Romas

Is there really a problem with Romas in Hungary? Are the intolerance and fear the Hungarian people feel just based on stereotypes grown up from mass medias weak coverage. Maybe, it’s time for us to see things in a new perspective?


Video by Matilda Aldsjö (Sweden) and Diana Shahbazian (Armenia)


What the Syrian refugees are fleeing from

Four years since the war has started already 220,000 people in Syria have been killed. A staggering 96 % of them by the Assad regime. The 4 mil. Syrian refugees and 50 % internally displaced persons are fleeing not only from ISIS, but from the government as well. Opposing political views are not tolerated, instead they are punished. If we want to understand the chaos in Syria, we must look deeper into it.

Video by Patrick Doodt (Germany) and Amalilja Bruvere (Latvia)


The Moral Obligation to Help – Hungarian Volunteers for Refugees

Hungarians hate refugees. This is what one could believe from the picture the media has drawn of the country’s actions. The truth is though, while Viktor Orbán has been trying to keep refugees out of the country, most of it‘s citizens have been welcoming them with open arms. Their willingness to help those in need shows a side to Hungary, that the rest of the world has been willingly overlooking for the last few months.



Video by Susanne Gottlieb (Austria) and Johan Fuglsang (Denmark)


Integration in Hungary: To feel a human, to help the human and to be a human

What are the most important aspects of integration into the new society? What does young man from Bangladesh consider to be on of the main means of inclusion into Hungarian society?
The podcast explores the role and the necessity of the language learning process through which most of the people who are planning to stay in Hungary needs to deal with.

People interviewed for the podcast:

Fardows Salah / The boy from Bangladesh
Dora Kanizsai Nagy / The leader of the Reformed Church of Hungary’s project
Szasz Lukacs Zsuzsanna / Fardows teacher of Hungarian language
Time Szabo / A member of the Hungarian parliament

The podcast team:

Tone Ottile
Dana Maxim
Ahmed Nur Ibrahim
Loretta Dosa

This podcast was produced during the World Perspectives: Diversity Voices training organized by European Youth Press.