The misunderstanding of the fear of migration contributed in labeling people with Xenophobia, where the concerns were generalised as one anti-migration expression.

The way the situation was presented was based more about Xenophobic feelings where most stirred away from what the real worries of the citizens were.

Xenophobia is the dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries while fear means an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain and harm. Following recent events people failed to make use of the proper term when it came to the reaction towards the refugee and migration influx.

The recent migration influx within Hungary where hundreds of thousands fled their home country had led the Hungarian population in awe. This was the first time that such an event had occurred on their own land.

While many were blind sighted with the influx, this did not stop the thousands of Hungarian citizens from plunging themselves into the situation offering help, food, shelter but most importantly their undivided attention towards migrants and refugees. Other people in reaction to what had happened decided to not get involved.

The citizens of Hungary all had a different approach in reaction toward the migration influx.

“I feel sad for what they have to go through”

Some were sad and also concerned about the situation that asylum seekers had to deal with when it comes to living within their own country such as Syria.

They stated that they wanted to help but what kept them back was that they were afraid that after they help the mass of people, one who might be rotten might bring a situation that they will not be happy to have contributed to.

“I fear the repercussions of what migration might bring”

The recent attacks in France were one main concern that the Hungarian people were pointing-out. It is a matter of the unknown.

Not knowing of what might happen is one of the fears which they are having to go through. The fact that Hungarians are just hanging at the edge of their seat, waiting and still not knowing of who is going through their country. The limited control that was present during the migration from the Middle East and Africa through Hungary was a matter which at some point it was simply out of their hands.

The issue of not being in control of a situation puts them at unease as the solution for such problem which all of Europe is currently undergoing is something that the heads of states and governments should address at first hand.

“Spreading help and happiness is important, but so is control”

An individual who was roaming the streets of Budapest explained that his life motto is “Help others and spread joy but don’t get too caught up into a situation that you lose control of it.”

He stated that he is all up for assisting people who are not in a good situation of living yet the main problem of helping a huge mass of people and also being blinded by a sudden situation is what causes attacks and events which might cause a problem for everyone.

The lack of control of a situation is something which creates fear for the general public. It causes situations which the country might not be ready or well equipped for.

“I have no opinion”

Others had no form of opinion towards such a subject stating that keeping in mind what Budapest currently has, migrants are nowhere to be seen and even Muslims, thus it is of no concern to them and no opinion could be named since it is something which they do not see within their country as of right now.

Some people state that they have no opinion due to the fact that they are too caught up with their own personal life, leaving them with no time on their hands to worry about someone else.

“They do not want to integrate”

A person who expressed his opinion told how he has friends from different spheres of life particularly Muslim. He stated that while he has friends who are Muslims, they explain to him that they are well aware of the situation and the mentality of the majority when it comes to the ideology of what Muslims are ‘famous for’.

They explain to him that they are happy as they are. They prefer being in a group or circle of common friends who have the same sort of beliefs and culture but they do not have any interest of integrating within the general ‘norm’ of society. He stated that they told him that it is much harder to be accepted by those who see them as the ‘black sheep’ within the mass rather than just sticking as one with the same members of their circle.

“Just because a person is a migrant, it does not mean that they are a terrorist”

A woman who was concerned about the situation of what migrants go through, shared her perspective of how as an individual and a human being we must do our fair share of helping.

She stated how the ideology of some politicians and also citizens who think that just because there were some cases of terrorism related to people who used a religion to hide behind their agenda, does not mean that migrants and or Muslims are all the same.

Having gathered different opinions, one can notice that there are multiple worries of the migration influx. The fears and expression of concerns does not define a person as xenophobic.

It is far more better to get to know the reasons behind his actions and opinions rather than being too quick to judge.

Kimberley Portelli, Dusko Curic

Photos: Magdalena Chodownik

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